The Cleaning Company Policy Checklist

Cleaning Company ChecklistWhen it comes to selecting a cleaning company you want to insure they will protect your property and the property of your employees. Small incidental and seemingly harmless actions can trigger complaints and office problems that cost you time and money.

To avoid problems you should choose a professional cleaning company that adheres to strict policies regarding their cleaning staff.

Here is a short list of policies any professional commercial cleaning company will administer for your protection and a smooth cleaning experience…

  • NEVER use any client property! For example: fax machines, computers, copiers, stereos, radios, telephones, etc.
  • NEVER make ANY CALLS from telephones on a clients premises. The only exception would be a phone designated by the client or your supervisor for timekeeping purposes or emergency use.
  • NEVER turn equipment on or off while on duty or rearrange materials or papers on desks, credenzas and reception staff areas.
  • NEVER sit down at desks, open drawers, file cabinets or other areas not involved in your cleaning duties.
  • NEVER read papers, books or ANY documents laying about in offices or in the trash.
  • NEVER eat or drink anything found on the clients premises. This is their property.
  • NEVER bring your children, family, or friends to work with you. YOU and co-workers are cleared to enter the premises and nobody else.
  • NEVER take anything that has been thrown away or found in trash containers on the premises to avoid accusations of theft.

These policies are simple common sense but a professional commercial cleaning company will strictly adhere to them. They know that it eliminates the time-consuming complaints concerning the cleaning staff and provides you with a worry-free cleaning experience.

Article by Fred Klein at Olde Tyme Cleaning
Your Commercial Cleaning Experts in Wilkes Barre and Scranton PA

How To Prevent Cleaning Company Theft

Cleaning service securityIf you are experiencing missing items from your business it is only fair to look at your cleaning service as a potential problem. Unfortunately, theft is a common problem for businesses whether it comes from suppliers, distributors or any outsourced help.

Let’s look at some ways any company can quickly eliminate the occurrence of incidental theft, and worse, identity theft. Here’s a checklist for you to follow to protect your business and employees from potential harm:

  1. First and foremost always hire a cleaning company you can trust. Look for one that has been in business for a while with a good track record. Also, it is a good idea to make sure you deal with the cleaning company owner directly and get the names and security clearances for every cleaning technician assigned to your job.
  2. Make sure the cleaning company is bonded and insured. This helps eliminate the small operators who may have a higher employee turnover with a greater potential for theft problems. If possible, assign your cleaning company a unique security entrance code so you can monitor their activity.
  3. Instruct your employees to never leave valuable items in open sight. It is always best to put expensive items in locked drawers or file cabinets. Leaving money or expensive objects (watches, ipods, etc.) laying around in the open is never a good idea — it is always better to remove temptations.
  4. Items containing personal financial information should always be locked up in a secure place to avoid the possibility of identity theft. If this information is kept on a computer it should be password protected. Further, all paper documents containing personal information should be shredded if not needed anymore.

Lastly, it is a good practice to meet your cleaning crew. Human nature can be funny when it comes to anonymity — when a person meets you they are less likely to steal from you. Your cleaning company should not have a problem complying or providing any information you request for security purposes.

Following these simple guidelines, especially choosing a company with a good track record, will usually eliminate theft problems. Even better, you’ll experience better long-term service and avoid hiring new cleaning companies regularly.

Article by Fred Klein at Olde Tyme Cleaning
Your Trusted Wilkes Barre Commercial Cleaning Company