Office Sickness? Here’s How to Cut the Problem in Half…

There’s nothing worse for a small business than to lose half their staff during a flu season. Not just flu season, but whenever there is a breakout of colds, stomach flu’s or the myriad of bacterial ailments out there.

So what can you do?

One of the best deterrents is a clean office environment. According to a study in 2012 by Kimberly-Clark, the bacteria lurking around your office is a big part of the problem. In the study, they used an ATP Meter and collected swabs from 5,000 office buildings housing more than 3,000 employees. For reference, a reading of 300 or more on the ATP Meter indicates a high level of contamination and a high risk of illness transmission. Let’s look at the culprit areas by percentage over 300…

  • 75 percent of break room sink faucet handles
  • 48 percent of microwave door handles
  • 27 percent of keyboards
  • 26 percent of refrigerator door handles
  • 23 percent of water fountain buttons
  • 21 percent of vending machine buttons

Wow, the results speak for themselves. If you could cut this in half would your employees be less sick? Undoubtedly yes. You just need to concentrate on these areas, and any others in your type of business.

To get started, look at your work environment. Are all these areas cleaned regularly? Keep in mind, most of these areas may require daily cleaning depending on traffic. For example, do you have vending machines being used a lot? Are they cleaned daily? By doing this simple thing you’ll have a less “sick” environment and can easily boost your company’s productivity.

Okay, so do you have systems in place to do this? Most employees are too busy for this and simply forget. Basically, wouldn’t you rather have employees worry about your business? This is where a professional commercial cleaning company is your answer. A good commercial cleaning company will meet with you and survey your business to map out your needs. Whether you hire it out or not, a cleaner work environment will be beneficial for your business.

For anyone in need of a Wilkes Barre Commercial Cleaning company be sure to call Olde Tyme Cleaning at 570-241-9011. We’ve been serving the Wilkes Barre and Scranton area since 1989. Call for your no-pressure estimate today.

Does Your Business Have Entrance Mats?

Every business has one thing in common — foot traffic. The only difference between buildings and businesses is the amount of folks coming through the doors. This is where a simple entrance mat can make a big difference to your bottom line.

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Obviously, consumer orientated business buildings like retailers, medical complexes and office buildings get more foot traffic, but just the movement of employees in any business will bring in dirt, mud and other gritty matter (like salt in wintertime) that will wear away carpets and flooring.

Regular commercial cleaning services definitely cut back on this wear and tear with vacuuming and floor care, but when Mother Nature hits there’s nothing stopping the onslaught of grit from visitors. That’s where entrance mats are a great solution to cut back on wear and tear and expensive replacement costs down the road.

Thankfully, people are pretty good about wiping their feet on an entrance mat when it starts raining or snowing. If your business has a lot of traffic your entrance mat will need to be larger and more “heavy duty” to properly get the job done. An extra mat or two can also be brought out during abnormally heavy or prolonged weather conditions.

Another huge reason to have entrance mats is the safety factor. According to government statistics, over 3 million employees working in the food service industry are injured every year from slips and falls. Another 1 million guests suffer the same fate. This is a common problem and can be easily minimized with a good entrance mat wherever people come and go.

When you look at all the positives a simple entrance mat can deliver, it just makes good sense to have them. A 6′ x 4′ mat will cost you anywhere from $75 to $300 depending on what you need. For all they do, it’s a pretty cheap solution. And don’t forget, if you want to spend more you can have them custom-made with your logo or message – or whatever you want!

How Post Construction Cleanup Services Boost Productivity

In our experience many construction company contractors would rather move quickly from finished sites to new projects without wasting their skilled workers time cleaning up finished jobs. At Olde Tyme Cleaning we understand your construction company is often faced with tight schedules and deadlines.

Wilkes Barre Construction Cleanup ServicesThis is when professional Wilkes Barre construction cleanup services make a lot of sense. Besides a cost effective and quick transition to new projects for your skilled construction crews, your clients will enjoy a finished site cleaned thoroughly by a trained crew with attention to detail. What’s better than more productive workers and happy clients?

At Olde Tyme Cleaning, our post construction cleanup services can be tailored to your special needs. Removal of construction debris is just the beginning. To start a thorough cleanup we will vacuum all areas removing all sawdust from fixtures, cabinets (top and inside), light fixtures, windows, floors and carpeting. We then start from the top down, washing fixtures, cabinets, window sills and counter tops throughout the site. Our crews are instructed to pay special attention to kitchen areas, and all bathrooms, so all the fixtures are move-in ready. We then finish the job with attention to any detail including floor cleaning, vacuuming and window cleaning including the removal of any labels.

In addition, we can also clean the outside of the site removing leftover construction materials to designated receptacles for your scheduled removal. Give us your special instructions and our crew will get the job done to your specifications.

The cost of our Wilkes Barre construction cleanup services depends on the size of the job site, the difficulty of the architectural construction and other special needs. We offer all our clients a free on-site estimate. We service construction cleanups in Wilkes Barre, Scranton and the surrounding areas. Call Olde Tyme Cleaning at 570-241-9011 and schedule your professional cleanup today.