Wilkes Barre Commercial Cleaners
Personal service from Fred at Olde Tyme Cleaning

Olde Tyme Cleaning has been owned and operated by Fred Klein since 1989. In the last 22 years he has seen the commercial cleaning industry go through many changes.

One of the things that really gets him riled up is the infiltration of what are known as “national contract service agencies“.

These service agencies offer cheaper rates and tell you they only hire top professionals. However, this just isn’t true. Since they take a middleman fee for their “contract service” they rarely hire top professional cleaning companies. They look for the cheapest service which means they usually hire companies with inexperienced workers, lousy equipment and cut-rate products.

This is the reason why many companies experience a high turnover and a poor performance rating from the cleaning services placed by these national contract agencies. Another growing problem is the fact that some of these agencies fail to pay their cleaning contractors on a timely basis. This also increases the turnover rate for clients. And don’t forget about security concerns – theft is a growing problem when it comes to these outsourced, cut-rate cleaning companies.

Fred is trying to get the word out about these agencies and how local companies are much better served by going direct to the quality commercial cleaning companies in their area. Instead of worrying about your cleaning company, you’ll get a secure, quality and professional job day in and day out.

If you’re ready to stop the cleaning company merry-go-round you can reach Fred at 570-241-9011 or his cell phone at 570-239-6394. Ask about his friendly, FREE on-site office cleaning estimate. He will visit your location and provide you with a no obligation estimate fit to handle your special requirements. Call today for a personal, professional service and never worry about your cleaning services again!